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Here at Love Garden Landscaping we offer all garden and driveway Wirral decorative gravel laying services . Decorative gravel and aggregates work really well in any garden and is becoming a very popular feature of many new garden due to its low maintenance effect. All of our decorative gravel and aggregates is laid on a heavy duty weed control membrane which prevents any weeds growing up and through the gravel in the future.

If you find it difficult to find the time to maintain and look after your garden then what better way to alter sections than using our Wirral decorative gravel laying services. Decorative gravel keeps areas of your garden looking pristine all year round and can look stunning if selected and installed correctly. Making this change in areas of your garden can be very cost effective for many years to come, imagine how much money this can save every year by not needing to maintain these areas, not to mention the time it could save yourself.

Wirral decorative gravel

Laying garden bark or mulch can work in the same way as laying decorative gravel can but sometimes looks more natural in its surrounding. It works very well in small or large flower beds, looking natural and part of the flower bed but also allowing enough food and water through to the soil beneath for the plants to flourish.

Laying bark mulch can can also add colour and interest to your garden while retaining much needed moisture around your plants. Bark mulch helps protect plant roots from extreme temperatures, cooling them in the summer and insulating them in the winter. It creates an ecosystem around your plants by encouraging the beneficial bacteria that break it down into an organic humus.

Wirral garden bark and mulch

Bark and mulch laying in the Wirral Decorative gravel laying in the Wirral Low maintenance gardens in Wirral

Decorative Gravel Wirral | Decorative Gravel Wirral | Decorative Gravel Wirral | Decorative Gravel Wirral | Decorative Gravel Wirral